Three Misfits

He is the CTO and COO at Darwin Labs. In his previous avatar, he co-founded Bluegape and Murmur, led the product and tech with a team of 20+ developers. Either he is working on something, if not, he is busy watching movies or playing games. He never sits idle which makes him the karmyogi amongst the three of us. He is the ultimate all rounder at Darwin Labs who can dive deep in and execute anything be it tech, operations or even finance. Vegetarian by choice, he is the ultimate foodie who can drive from Gurgaon to Murthal for delicious parathas at 2 AM. While he is taking an off from work, he loves visiting undiscovered places with his girlfriend.

He is the CSO at Darwin Labs. In his previous avatar, he co-founded InoxApps and, built profits and raised funding from VCs like Matrix Partners, Kae Capital etc.From being a work-a-holic for many years, now he is also on a quest to know who he really is. On this journey of knowing himself better, his focus turned to observe, understand and grow himself within. He can rationally breakdown any problem into small independent parts and then make you think on that problem from a completely different perspective. He is a free stupid bird out here to have fun, get high and die and that's all he f**cking cares about it. Pure f**king Psycho, reach out to him at your own risk.

He is the CEO at Darwin Labs. In his previous avatar, he co-founded Bluegape and Murmur, raised multiple rounds of funding from 30+ investors. He thinks that he has lived multiple lives by the time he turned 26. For him, the biggest events of life are beautiful unplanned coincidences, like how you randomly meet someone at a networking event and go on to start a company with them or live life together as lovers, coincidences whose probability of occurrence by human design are infinitesimally small. He defines the doer of these coincidences as The Force which makes things happen. With this understanding he's learnt the art of surrendering himself to the surrounding.